Are Certain Groups More at Risk for Hair Loss?

Are Certain Groups More at Risk for Hair Loss? Did you know that hair is actually a protein filament that grows from follicles in the skin? Everyone has a unique head of hair, however, people begin to lose hair at different points in their lives. Who is at a risk for hair loss and why?… Read more »

Men’s Hairstyles for 2016

Man Fixing Hair

Happy New Year’s Eve! Today is the last day of 2015 and the drinks will soon be flowing, if they’re not already. While today and tonight are full of fun, there is a lot of reflection going on whether or not you are aware of it, pondering what changes are in store for you in… Read more »

Are You Afraid of Losing Your Hair?

Depressed Man

It is a fact that men get nervous about losing their hair, that it crushes their confidence when they do, and it’s like they become hair-craving zombies wandering the streets at night looking for an angry fix. Who would have ever guessed that hair and not feet is the body part that keeps most men… Read more »

Star Wars Hairstyles

Sci Fi Pirate

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has blasted onto the scene and is bringing back some much-needed childhood joy to millions of lives. It is nice to freshen up the mind with wide-eyed enthusiasm, some time away from the rigors of adulthood. To put it mildly, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon, affecting almost every aspect… Read more »

A Time Machine Made of Hair

Gentleman with Cigar

Hair, as we are all well aware, show the passage of time in good AND bad ways. Unfortunately, we seem to talk about more of the bad ways than the good ways. Just look through our blog and you will see numerous posts dealing with alopecia, nonsurgical solutions for transplants gone wrong, common causes of… Read more »

3D Printing Could Be the next Big Thing in Hair Replacement

Man Rubbing Hands through Hair

While 3D printers may still seem like the stuff of science fiction, they are actually becoming quite pervasive in the technological sphere, and we’ll begin seeing them in households soon enough. From applications in the automotive industry to biomedical engineering, the possibilities are endless, but recently, scientists may have discovered a way for 3D printing… Read more »

Stay Mindful of Your Diet to Slow Hair Loss

Stay Mindful of Your Diet to Slow Hair Loss

Hair loss is a concern of both men and women and many seek miracles fixes that fail to deliver. Fortunately, however, nutrition plays an important role in the condition of your hair and is something you have direct control over. Here are a few foods and nutrients that help with hair loss and the overall… Read more »

Could Male Pattern Baldness be Caused by a Maternal Gene?

Could Male Pattern Baldness be Caused by a Maternal Gene?

Researchers in Europe suspect that a gene passed down from mothers may be ultimately responsible for the development of male pattern baldness. Among the many esteemed scientists participating in the research is German genomics professor Markus Nöthen who believes he and his team have identified a specific gene variation that may explain some instances of… Read more »