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I started to lose my hair in my late twenties.. I thought about shaving my head but, I felt I looked much better with hair. I was thirty-three (33) years old when my hair loss progressed. I had to take measures to improve my appearance. I began to use a black powder to hide the thinning areas. This powder was very messy, inconvenient and somewhat obvious because, I noticed people would constantly look at my hair during a conversation. Since that was happening, it only made me more self-conscience. Two years later I finally decided to use a hair system. I came across NM Studio after many unsuccessful consultations at other studios. I felt Naomi was very honest with me about the benefits and, limitations of any hair system. I was able to see a full application of the hair system on a client. I was extremley impressed with the level of service and the quality and feel of the hair. Fours years later and, I feel more confident than ever.


I have been a client of NM Studio for several years. Naomi who is the owner is an expert in the field of hair replacment. I wear a human hair intergration system. This is an excellent alternative for women with thinning hair. Naomi makes every one of her clients feel at ease and, answers any and all questions they might have in reference to their hair loss. She is always available to set up my appointments at my convenience. It is such a pleasure not to have to look at my thinning hair when, I see myself in a mirror. Since coming to Naomi for my system, I feel like a completely different person who loves to look in my mirror now. I no longer suffer from low self-esteem. I am one hundred percent satisfied with my system and the excellent service and products that I always receive from Naomi. Thank you

Jennifer McCann

I have tried many other hair replacement centers and, did not find any satisfaction until coming to NM Hair Replacement Studio. Naomi’s experience is evident and my graft is virtually undetectable. This gives me a much greater confidence in both my personal and professional life. I have been a client, and will continue to be a client in the future. I highly recommend their studio for those looking to get out of the rat race of other hair replacement centers.

Scott Hilton

I have been to a few other hair studio’s in the past. Then I was recommended to NM Hair Studio. It was a most pleasant experience. They made me feel comfortable and made me realize just how important I truly am. My self- esteem was at an all time low because of my experience at another studios. Beside being an expert at styling hair, NM Hair Studio has always been professional, courteous, polite, personable and always available to answer any of my questions. One point I would like to stress again in NM Hair Studio is always available when I make my appointments. I have been able to make my appointments any day of the week, that’s right seven (7) days a week. NM Hair Studio caters to my schedule always. NM Hair Studio I can’t thank you enough for making my life so simple for me ! Thank you


I have been a client of NM Hair Studio for 3 years and they are phenomenal. I’m a relatively young guy and was very nervous about hair replacement, but NM was patient with me every step of the way, and helped me choose a fantastic solution that looks incredibly realistic. It’s been life changing. Hair replacement is a complex process, but NM is a true expert and customizes a solution for your situation. I’m very grateful for their professionalism and care!


My experience with NM Studios has been a pleasant one. The staff always does their best to make their customers feel welcome. They have also been very accommodating and flexible when it comes to making their appointments.
Thank you staff.

Bill Kent

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