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Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Can Stress Cause Hair Loss?

Stress and Hair Loss Many people are living stressful lives these days. For some, the stress might be contributing to their hair loss.

There are three types of hair loss that could happen when faced with excessive amounts of stress on the mind and body.

First, there’s alopecia areata. When this happens, the body’s immune system ends up attacking a person’s hair follicles resulting in the loss of hair.

Next, there’s trichotillomania. This involves a person having the almost uncontrollable urge to pull hair from their scalp or other parts of the body such as the eyebrows. Hair pulling can be brought on by stress, as well as other factors such as loneliness or frustration.

Thirdly, there’s telogen effluvium. In this case, stress ends up getting a large number of hair follicles to switch into a “resting phase.” After a couple months, these hairs end up falling out rather suddenly thanks to a combing or washing of the hair.

Thankfully, these three stress-related causes of hair loss don’t have to be permanent. Should you or someone you know be going through a stressful time and worried about hair loss, there are certain things to do

First, avoid the three things most people have a hard time avoiding: caffeine (soda pop, energy drinks), alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) and nicotine (smoking cigarettes). These three things end up increasing stress!

Next, avoid refined sugars found in things like bread and salad dressings. By avoiding these, you’ll also avoid the energy crashes associated with them. Instead, do you best to eat healthy such that you’re getting healthy foods in your body that provide you with quality nutrition– eat more eggs and less candy bars, for instance.

Finally, think about your current sleep patterns. Do you find yourself wide awake most nights? If so, figure out how to set a bedtime, go to bed, and then have a consistent wake-up time daily so you’re well-rested. In order to “slow down” and relax, put on soft music, dim the lights, and if you have a hard time falling asleep, try adding a warm bath before bed or reading a “light” book that doesn’t demand too much of your mind.

If and when you experience hair loss and it doesn’t seem to come back after several months of “less-stressful living,” you might want to make an appointment with NM Hair Replacement Studio by calling 718-267-2516.