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Do These Things Really Cause Hair Loss?

Do These Things Really Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Factors If you lose hair, and people notice, it’s likely that you’ll hear some interesting opinions on why you’ve lost your hair. People might say, “Well, your dad lost his hair, so I guess you inherited his genes.” Or, “You’ve been coloring your hair so long, it’s no wonder it’s thinning. Your hair can’t take all that dye!” People will offer plenty of unsolicited opinions about your hair. And then you might wonder, “What things really cause hair loss?”


Can medications make people lose their hair? Definitely. If you’re getting treated for cancer or you’re on a high blood pressure med, hair loss can be a side effect. The loss could be from the medication… or it could be from the condition you’re taking the medication to treat! Hair loss can happen after you have a major surgery, illness or even weight loss. FYI: temporary hair loss is called telogen effluvium.

Everyday Stress

What about everyday stress? While some people think stress causes hair loss, in general it does not. Now if there’s extreme stress involved, like the loss of a loved one or financial problems, could that cause hair loss? Yes. Therefore, stress has to be extreme to mess with a person’s hair.

Too Much Sun

Does sun exposure cause hair loss? Not really. UV radiation can damage hair shafts, but not the follicles responsible for growing new hair.


What about those who wear hats often? If a person wears a hat all the time will it cause hair loss? No. As long as a person’s roots are healthy, hair will continue to grow.


Finally, does smoking cause hair loss? Research is inconclusive, though smoking has been found to reduce circulation and overall skin health. So, smoking could, in essence, reduce hair volume.

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Things to Ignore Regarding Hair Loss

Things to Ignore Regarding Hair Loss

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What is the Norwood Scale?

What is the Norwood Scale?

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