New Year’s Hair Resolutions

Celebrating the New Year

What is the most important part about a guy? His smile? His brain? The size of his heart? No, the most important about a guy is his hair, according to Rob McMillen, head barber at Blind Barber in New York City. This makes sense. Why do you think men freak out when they lose their hair, when they first see that miniscule clump at the bottom of the shower? It is because they are losing a fundamental part of themselves, as if they lost their dominant hand or something. It is as if men are experiencing a bad case of phantom limb hair…does that make sense?

Even with hair on the head, men can still feel the gnawing ravages of time coming around the bend. Since we are about a week away from New Year’s Eve, it is about time you start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions involving your hair.

According to WebMD, “The new year is a time many men rethink their lives and make plans to get their health back on track. Are you one of them? At least 40% of adults make one or more resolutions each year, and at least two-thirds of them vow to change something unhealthy about themselves. […] The popular resolutions concern weight gain, fitness, and smoking.”

The same applies for a man’s hair. You should do a better job of taking care of it, such as paying closer attention to what kind of shampoo you are using, deciding on conditioner, styling products, whether or not you should use a hair dryer, and how often you should cut your hair. Proper hair maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your hair is healthy for the rest of your life or, as Octavio Molina of Ask Men puts it, “With just a little knowledge, you can make the proper choices to ensure you keep a great and healthy head of hair for a long time. Now, be a good student and put what you’ve learned into practice.”

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