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What Causes Hair Shedding? And is It Preventable?

What Causes Hair Shedding? And is It Preventable?

If you’re finding more hair than usual on your furniture, clothes, and other places, just know that it’s normal. Although it may be alarming at first, you should know that certain conditions promote hair shedding. Everyone experiences hair shedding, but there are a few ways to help control it.

Before jumping to any conclusions, familiarize yourself with the causes of hair shedding:

Chemical Processing Can Cause Hair Loss 

Experimenting with hair dye is an exhilarating change. However, be aware that chemical processing can be harmful to your hair. When coloring your hair, you become more susceptible to hair shedding because of the high amount of peroxide in the dye. Too much exposure to peroxide can damage your hair’s protein and make your hair brittle and weak. 

The chemicals used in most hair dyes can also damage the scalp, affecting how the follicle holds the strands. 

Changing in Season 

Animals aren’t the only ones that shed their seasonal coats. Humans shed their seasonal coats too. If you notice excessive hair shedding in the fall months, it’s because the colder temperatures tend to dry out hair and scalp leading to hair shedding. 

Over Styling Can Cause Hair Shedding 

Heat styling tools can be your hair’s worst nightmare. Excessive use of hairdryers, curling wands, and straighteners can cause your hair to become dry and damaged, which will lead to an increase in shedding. Avoid using heat on your hair every day, you should have a period where you give your hair a break. 

Hair ties and tight ponytails and buns can also cause forced stress on your scalp and increase hair shedding. 

Can You Prevent Hair Shedding? 

Ultimately, hair shedding is unpreventable. On average, one will naturally shed anywhere between 50 and 100 hairs a day. However, if you notice that you are shedding more than 100 hairs a day consistently or have a family history of hair loss, you should contact a professional. 

Keep your scalp healthy and strong by continuing to moisturize your hair with conditioner and deep conditioning hair masks to help lock in oils and keep your hair healthy in changing temperatures. 

If you’re worried about your hair loss, don’t hesitate to contact NM Hair Replacement Studio. Our experienced hair specialists are dedicated to helping you understand hair loss, and they are highly skilled in treating hair loss. Give us a. Call at 718-267-2516 today! 

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