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Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

Hair LossIs hair loss hereditary? For the most part, yes, it is. You inherit genes from your mom and dad. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just based on genes passed down from your mother’s side. In fact, studies have shown traditional hair loss is essentially genetically determined, so if it “runs in the family,” there’s a strong chance you might experience it.

Of course, there are actually many reasons why a person could experience hair loss. Studies suggest hormones could play a role, as well as infections like folliculitis, dissecting cellulitis and secondary syphilis. Fungal infections and something known as demodex folliculorum, where a microscopic mite feeds on a person’s sebum, thereby denying hair its needed nutrients, are also reasons why hair loss may occur.

Hair loss can also happen while a person is taking certain medications, especially if they affect the body’s hormone balance.

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Hair Loss Myths

NM Hair Studio has helped many clients over the past three decades deal with hair loss using a hair replacement system that blends completely with a person’s natural hair. Many clients have come to NM Hair Studio with ideas in their head about hair loss. Oftentimes, those ideas are myths– believed to be true, but… Continue Reading