Reasons to Consider Hair Replacement

man looking in the mirror with thinning hair contemplating hair replacement

No one wants to lose their hair. People spend a lot of time, money and energy styling their hair to appear attractive to themselves and others. If and when a person loses some hair on their head, they often start worrying or working themselves up into a full-blown panic. They begin to ask themselves questions… Read more »

Which Types of Medications Could Lead to Hair Loss?

Medications that cause hair loss

Are you losing your hair? There are many different reasons why it might be happening. It may have to do with things out of your control, like your genetics, your family history, or an illness or disease could also be to blame. Nevertheless, in many cases, certain types of medication are the reason for hair… Read more »

Early Hair Loss Warning Signs for Men

Man looking at his receding hairline in the mirror

Did you know that most men will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime? By the age of 20, 20% of men experience visible hair loss. These numbers are determined by genetics. If their father has/had hair loss, there’s a strong chance they will, too. Here are a few early hair loss warning… Read more »

3 Ways to Keep Your Confidence While Losing Your Hair

Brunette girl with shiny hair. Beautiful woman with bob haircut

Watching strands fall to the floor while running your fingers through your hair leaves a sinking feeling in your stomach. No one wants to deal with hair loss, yet many of us experience it at some point in our lives, whether it be from pregnancy, over-bleaching, stress, health issues, or aging. It can truly make… Read more »

What Not to Say to Someone Experiencing Hair Loss

Girl holding her lost hair in hands, on a white background

Millions of people are affected by hair loss, both men and women. People may experience hair loss genetically or due to medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation or a medical condition like alopecia. Regardless of the cause, hair loss can be a traumatic experience. People who experience hair loss may feel vulnerable, exposed, or self-conscious…. Read more »

Winter Hair Care Tips

Girl outside in the snow protecting her hair with a hat from the harsh winter conditions

Winter is quickly approaching, and if you live in a climate where temperatures drop below freezing, you know how damaging the air can be to your hair and skin! From the cold winds outside to the dry indoor heat with extra static electricity lingering in every room, you need to take extra precautions during the… Read more »

How Bleaching Damages Your Hair

woman getting her hair bleached

One of the many joys of having hair is experimenting with it. From unique cuts to fun colors, there are so many ways you can turn your hair into a work of art, but sometimes it can come with a cost.  Many people lighten their hair with bleach, which can lead to some bright, beautiful… Read more »

Why You Might Be Experiencing Hair Loss as a Vegan

Adult woman searching scalp for hair loss

Deciding to go vegan is a difficult but extremely rewarding decision. Veganism has many benefits, from protecting the planet and saving the lives of animals to improving digestion and lowering the risk of disease. Yet, any change in diet can have some negative side effects. Here are some common reasons you might be experiencing hair… Read more »

An Overview of Alopecia

Learn about the medical condition Alopecia.

Hair loss (alopecia) can affect your scalp or entire body and can be temporary or permanent. It can result from heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, or a normal part of aging. Androgenic Alopecia Vs. Alopecia Areata Androgenic alopecia and alopecia areata are two common disorders affecting scalp hair follicles and inducing hair loss. Androgenic Alopecia… Read more »

Is Stress Affecting Your Hair?

Emotional woman brushing hair near mirror in bathroom

Could living a stressful life cause you to lose hair? Yes, stress could be the underlying cause! Stress-related hair loss is often temporary, so it’s unlikely your hair will be lost forever, but it’s still important to speak to a doctor about it, especially if it’s bothering you. Why Does Stress Cause Hair Loss? Though… Read more »