Star Wars Hairstyles

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens has blasted onto the scene and is bringing back some much-needed childhood joy to millions of lives. It is nice to freshen up the mind with wide-eyed enthusiasm, some time away from the rigors of adulthood. To put it mildly, Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon, affecting almost every aspect of our lives whether we recognize it or not, one area of life in particular being hairstyles for both men and women.

According to Taylor Bryant of Refinery29, “For beauty fans, the Star Wars series has one hair look that we fall over ourselves every time it makes an appearance on the screen. No, it’s not Chewbacca and his lust-worthy locks (which, surprisingly, take a lot of maintenance) but a less hairy character and her dessert-reminiscent ‘do. The notorious Princess Leia buns have been at the forefront of iconic film hairstyles for decades.”

The Princess Leia buns became a fashion statement, a follicle movement that has lasted for more than three decades, influencing people of all ages, including men. Of course, we can’t talk about Leia without mentioning the love of her life, Han Solo. His fashion sense is a beast all on its own. In the words of askmen, “It might be a tad geeky, but there’s no denying that Han Solo’s style is fun. And although he certainly has an eclectic look, recent seasons have seen designers send many a model fashioned after Han Solo down the runways. Whatever your reason for copping Harrison Ford’s style as the slickest man in the galaxy, may the force of fashion be with you.”

Wouldn’t you like to be the slickest man in the galaxy? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t? When you sit down and watch the new Star Wars movie, consider what hairstyles you like. There is so much to choose from!

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