Are You Afraid of Losing Your Hair?

Depressed Man

It is a fact that men get nervous about losing their hair, that it crushes their confidence when they do, and it’s like they become hair-craving zombies wandering the streets at night looking for an angry fix. Who would have ever guessed that hair and not feet is the body part that keeps most men grounded? It is as if the moment one piece of hair falls to the ground or down the drain, a man’s soul is sucked out of his body. It is a harrowing realization and most men dread the day of its occurrence.

This isn’t just a North American thing either; men the world over are affected by hair loss, especially men in Malaysia according to this Free Malaysia Today article which analyzes a recent poll showing that guys are losing sleep over the prospect of losing hair and will give up their most cherished things to keep baldness at bay.

Jafwan Jaafar writes, “Without splitting hairs, the survey revealed that most of our lads are deathly fearful of failing follicles, and would forego just about anything (including their favourite food); job promotions; years of their life – and, even more unthinkably drastic – sex for a whole year in exchange for having hair that’s always THERE.”

That is a BIG tradeoff, but it’s certainly not out of the realm of believability. It seems that men are more loyal to their follicles than loved ones or the different forms of pleasure. Such a poll demonstrates the massive importance that a good head of hair has in a man’s life. It gives you something to think about, especially if you’re a man.

As we approach the New Year, all of us at NM Hair Replacement Studio hope you’re having a nice holiday season, but we want to let you know that now’s the time to get your swagger back if you have lost it. The New Year is for regaining some of your footing that you have lost during the year and no, you don’t have to give up anything you enjoy in life; simply rely on us and we will get you through these dark days of follicles.

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