Why You Might Be Experiencing Hair Loss as a Vegan

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Deciding to go vegan is a difficult but extremely rewarding decision. Veganism has many benefits, from protecting the planet and saving the lives of animals to improving digestion and lowering the risk of disease. Yet, any change in diet can have some negative side effects.

Here are some common reasons you might be experiencing hair loss while transitioning to veganism!

Low Protein

When you choose to be vegan, you are cutting out all meat and animal byproducts leading to a drop in protein consumption. When your body has low protein, it stops hair growth to conserve energy for other, more important body functions.

You can supplement with plant protein, but if you are a newer vegan and were unaware that there are plant protein options, that could be a cause for your hair loss.

Not Supplementing B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that vegans must supplement because it is not found in plants. Not supplementing this important vitamin can cause your body not to make enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to your hair. Getting blood to flow to your hair is crucial for it to grow.

Iron Deficiency

Being deficient in iron has been known to cause hair loss. The body absorbs iron in plant food sources at a lower rate than iron in animal products, which is why the recommended daily intake of iron is higher for vegans. Try consuming vitamin C along with iron-rich foods to enhance iron absorption!

Thyroid Issues

Vegans often increase their soy intake by drinking soy milk instead of dairy milk and eating tofu instead of meat. If you suffer from thyroid problems, soy can worsen these issues. Thyroid problems can result in hair thinning, so it is important to keep your soy intake in check and speak with your doctor about the best ways to improve your thyroid health as a vegan.

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