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Why You Might Be Experiencing Hair Loss as a Vegan

Adult woman searching scalp for hair loss

Deciding to go vegan is a difficult but extremely rewarding decision. Veganism has many benefits, from protecting the planet and saving the lives of animals to improving digestion and lowering the risk of disease. Yet, any change in diet can have some negative side effects. Here are some common reasons you might be experiencing hair… Read more »

The Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including illness, medication, a poor diet, hormones, and everyday styling. Any of these factors, along with others, can interfere with your hair’s natural growth and, in some cases, will prevent hair follicles from growing new hair.  Hair loss looks a little different for everyone. Women may experience… Read more »

Stay Mindful of Your Diet to Slow Hair Loss

Stay Mindful of Your Diet to Slow Hair Loss

Hair loss is a concern of both men and women and many seek miracles fixes that fail to deliver. Fortunately, however, nutrition plays an important role in the condition of your hair and is something you have direct control over. Here are a few foods and nutrients that help with hair loss and the overall… Read more »