Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss affects millions of men across the country and around the world. While this is a fairly common – and often, permanent – occurrence associated with aging and genetics, receding hairlines and sudden hair loss can be caused by several other factors or conditions as well.

Beyond heredity and aging, one of the next most common causes of hair loss is physical stress. This type of hair loss, known in the scientific community as telogen effluvium, can be caused by a variety of stressors, from a particularly virulent flu to a severe accident or traumatic surgery. Thankfully, this condition is generally temporary.

Androgenic hair loss, commonly known as male pattern baldness, occurs as a result of changes in hormone levels that make hair follicles more prone to miniaturization. These follicles are unable to support hair growth, and consequently baldness occurs above the temples and on the crown of the head. While there are a number of experimental therapies that aim to prevent androgenic hair loss, the condition is typically permanent.

Lastly, chemotherapy or medications that you take may impact your hairline. While many types of cancer are treated with chemotherapy to counteract the rapidly growing cells associated with the disease, hair follicles – which are also rapid-growth cells – can be also impacted as a side effect. Similarly, many medications, including common drugs used in treatments for thyroid conditions, anti-coagulants and beta-blockers, can stunt hair growth.

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