Non-Surgical Solutions for Transplants Gone Wrong

We’ve been in the hair replacement business for over twenty years. Over the course of that time, we’ve given thousands of our clients the opportunity to enjoy life with a full head of hair. Too often, though, we have to start by concealing damage left by surgical transplant procedures.

Stay in this business long enough, and you’ll see plenty of examples of unfortunate hair transplants. Scarring, crooked hairlines, and patchy, uneven growth are just a few of the common symptoms of a poorly executed transplant. For some of our clients, bad transplants have actually made their lives more difficult than when they were completely bald.

Fortunately, bad transplants don’t have to stay that way. Our surgery-free hair replacement procedure provides our clients with a chance to recover from the physical and emotional scars left by their transplants. We’ve had plenty of practice repairing the work of others, and the results speak for themselves. Take, for example, these before and after photos of one of our clients who had a particularly unfortunate transplant experience.

Non-Surgical Solutions for Transplants Gone Wrong

Before, scarring from the transplant procedure is clearly visible along a hairline that is about six inches higher than it should be. After, our client has a thick, natural looking head of hair that fully conceals the scars left by the botched surgery.

When surgery-free hair replacement can look this good, it’s a wonder why anyone opts for transplant surgery these days. Best of all, our clients can wash, style, and even swim in their new hair just like they could with the hair they were born with.

No one should have to endure the lingering effects of a bad hair transplant. Give us a call today, and let us help you restore your hair and regain your self-esteem without having to endure further transplant surgery.

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