The Best Vitamins for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be caused by many factors, including illness, medication, a poor diet, hormones, and everyday styling. Any of these factors, along with others, can interfere with your hair’s natural growth and, in some cases, will prevent hair follicles from growing new hair. 

Hair loss looks a little different for everyone. Women may experience symptoms such as thinning hair or they will start gradually noticing a more exposed scalp on the top of their heads. In contrast, men will typically find a growing bald spot on their head as a sign of hair loss. Because several things can cause hair loss, both men and women often turn to vitamins as a natural hair loss treatment. Incorporating certain vitamins in your diet can significantly help with hair growth and promoting a healthy scalp. 

Biotin for Hair Growth

One of the most common vitamins that people take to help promote hair growth is biotin, also known as vitamin B7. If you’re deficient in biotin, it can cause hair loss, skin rashes, and weak nails. Egg yolks, whole grains, and meat are all great sources of biotin! 


Low iron levels can cause anemia. Symptoms of anemia include fatigue, flushed skin, and hair loss. Typically, those who have a chronic disease, women who get heavy menstrual cycles, or people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet often have low iron levels. 

If you fall into this category, try incorporating foods like red meat, leafy greens, and legumes into your diet.  

Vitamin D

Many people prioritize eating a high vitamin D diet because it’s important for our bones. However, there are plenty of other benefits of incorporating vitamin D into your diet, including that it also helps with hair loss. Exposure to the sun will help your skin make vitamin D. Most people can’t get enough safe sun exposure to promote the vitamin D levels that they need. 

Therefore, a lot of people rely on fatty fish or fortified milk to increase their Vitamin D levels! 

Getting Professional Help for Your Hair Loss

Sometimes, your hair loss is linked to something more than a vitamin deficiency. If that’s the case, contact the NM Hair Studio professionals to learn more about our hair restoration services. We offer services for all types of hair loss! 

Contact us today at (718) 267-2516 to book your free consultation! 

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