The Psychological Benefits of Having a Good Hair Day

Benefits of a Good Hair Day

Feeling good about your hair is linked to one’s self-confidence. Think about it, when you’re having a “good hair day,” you typically go about your day with higher confidence and self-esteem. On the other hand, when we wake up with a “bad hair day,” we usually have an off day. Typically, when we wake up having a bad hair day, we feel frustrated, express negativity, and have lower self-esteem.

Let’s learn why our hair makes us feel the way we do and the benefits of having a great hair day:

Why Do We Naturally Care About The Appearance of Our Hair?

We care so much about the appearance of our hair because it’s in our history and culture. As far back as Ancient Greece, we’ve been using our hair to project a self-image of our worth. If you think about your old history textbooks, those associated with wealth and status often had elaborate hair or decorative hairstyles that helped portray their wealth.

It’s no surprise that we value our hair because that’s what history and culture have taught us to do.

Our Hair Is a Reflection of Our Health

People strive to have a good hair day because when our hair looks its best, it’s a sign of good health. Although we know it’s not always the case, the loss of color or hair itself is often associated with age. It’s an indication that our bodies are slowing down and don’t function as well as it used to.

Typically we value or hair because it can make us feel young and healthy.

A Good Hair Day Can Boost Our Confidence

When our hair is acting the way we want it to be, it naturally boosts our confidence in our overall appearance. When we look good, we tend to feel even better. However, the confidence gained from having a good hair day has also been linked to feeling more productive, less stressed, powerful, resilient, and in control.

Take steps to Help Your Hair Look and Feel It’s Best

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