Can Hair Brushing Cause Damage to Your Hair?

Did you know that there’s a right and a wrong way to brush your hair? That’s right. Although hair brushing may seem like a simple task, it can cause breakage, tangles, and damage to your hair if it’s done incorrectly. So how do you know which way is the correct way to brush your hair to make it healthy and strong? Allow us to explain! 

Here are some of the biggest mistakes people often make when brushing their hair: 

You’re Probably Using the Wrong Brush

Before you start using a new brush, you should always test it first. Remember, brushing should never feel painful. There are different brush shapes and styles for different types of hair. So what works for one person might not work for you. Usually, your best bet is to find a comb or brush that has staggered teeth. These types of brushes will help remove any knots from your hair without ripping or damaging it. 

You Might Be Brushing Your Hair Too Much

Brushing doesn’t need to be a long process. Usually, just running your brush through your hair about three or four times will do the trick! The more you brush your hair, the more damage you can cause to your hair. 

You’re Brushing Your Hair When It’s Too Wet

Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage. After you’ve washed your hair, gently brush your hair with a comb or a brush that is designed specifically for wet hair. Wet hair brushes are built with special bristles that will smoothly run through your damp hair without tugging or breaking it. 

You Might Be Brushing in the Wrong Direction

When you’re brushing your hair, start at the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Brushing your hair in sections will help you avoid unnecessary damage or breakage that you may experience by brushing your hair from top to bottom. 

While brushing, if you notice an unusual amount of hair loss, contact NM Hair Replacement Studio for a free consultation. Give us a call today at 718-267-2516 to get started!

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