Here’s What Men Should Know About Hair Loss

Male Hair Loss

What should men know about hair loss? Plenty! If you’re reading this, you or someone you know and love is male and has hair, or doesn’t. Now most men have hair, but the big issue is this: How much hair do they have? A full head of hair is what most men want– but as men age, many start developing hair loss. In fact, about 25% of men show hair loss signs by the time they’re 30-years-old. So, hair loss is quite common, even for young men.

Facts About Male Hair Loss

Male hair loss in a receding pattern from the temples and crown of the head.

Is male hair loss a genetic condition? Yes, it is. Hair loss on the scalp occurs because the body becomes more sensitive to male sex hormones called androgens– and the extent to which the scalp is affected is ultimately determined by hereditary factors.

Now if you’re losing patches of hair, that’s something slightly different– that’s alopecia. It’s thought to be hereditary and/or autoimmune-related, whereas the body mistakenly attacks itself.

On average, how long does it take for a man to lose his hair naturally? It’s about a 15 to 25 year process. Male hair loss tends to start when men are in their twenties. By the time men are in their fifties? Look around and about half of them show signs of hair loss.

Other Reasons Men Lose Hair

What are some other reasons men lose hair? Hair loss can come from stress, changes in hormone levels, surgical procedures/illness, etc. What about men who pull their hair tightly into braids, cornrows or ponytails? Doing so can lead to hair loss.

Besides the physical loss of hair, what does hair loss mean for men psychologically? Quite often, men actually fear going hair loss because they see it as a sign of weakness. Hair loss can lead to the loss of confidence in social situations. It can stress a guy out. Not only that, but hair loss can reduce self-esteem, sex drive and even cause depression.

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