A Guide to Prepare You For a Visit to a Hair Loss Specialist

Hair Loss Specialist

You’ve been looking in the mirror lately and haven’t liked what you’ve noticed… hair loss. Where did “all that hair” go, you wonder? People lose hair for all sorts of reasons, but what it really comes down to is a loss of confidence. When a person experiences hair loss, a loss of confidence accompanies it.

Hair Loss Process

If and when you experience hair loss, and you’re not happy, what can you do about it? If you’re like most people, you search the Internet for answers, ideas and inspiration. Should you start wearing hats everyday? Should you comb what hair you have left in a different way to try and cover up the hair loss spot(s)? Or is there a place you can go to talk with someone who does hair replacement?

Finding a Hair Loss Specialist

Look for a professional who has knowledge and expertise in hair loss– someone who can diagnose the “why” you’re losing hair as well as “how” it can be treated and/or improved. Ideally, you want to find someone who can help you get your confidence back.

Possible Causes

What should you do? Why not make a list of any recent life changes or major stresses in your life? Then make a list of any medications you recently took/are taking, including pills and such, like supplements and vitamins. Do you know of any medications you’re on that might cause hair loss? Discuss this with a hair loss specialist. Finally, make a list of questions for the hair loss specialist– questions that bother you and keep you up at night, wondering, “Why is this so? What can be done about this?”

Expectations of an Appointment With a Hair Loss Specialist

When you do go to your appointment with a hair loss specialist, such as NM Hair Replacement Studio in Queens, expect to be asked several questions. Some of these questions might include, “Do you lose hair continually or just occasionally?”; “Is this the first time you’ve experienced hair loss in your life?”; and “Have you noticed you’ve been dealing with hair breakage, shedding and/or poor hair growth?” The more you can describe in detail your problems and issues, the better off the hair loss specialist can understand you and figure out how to combat the problem.

Some people lose hair overall. Others lose it in patches. A hair loss specialist is likely going to ask if you’ve done anything that either improves or worsens your hair loss. He or she might also want to know if anyone else in the immediate family suffers with hair loss.

Ultimately, hair loss is something that can be treated– hair can be replaced. If you want to restore confidence, call NM Hair Replacement Studio at 718-267-2516 for a free consultation today.

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