Does Summer Weather Affect Hair Loss?

SummerSummertime is the time of the year when people spend a lot of time outdoors, oftentimes in direct sun. Meanwhile, it’s also the time to “go in the water,” whether it’s at a pool, the river, or the ocean. Coney Island, for example, is usually packed with “sunbathers” in June, July and August.

With regards to hair, is it okay to wear a hat “all the time” during the summer? Sure. Will wearing a hat cause hair loss? No, it won’t. What about applying sunblock spray/lotion to your scalp? Will that cause hair loss? Nope.

Some people wonder if the body “sheds” hair in the summer in order to cool itself off. Much like dogs shed some hair in the summertime, humans may do so, too. This is a normal, biological function which helps us “cool off” when the weather is hot and sunny. Then, come September, our body adjusts and hair gets thicker, naturally. While this theory hasn’t been totally proven, it’s generally accepted as plausible. It’s referred to as “seasonal hair loss,” and research suggests that women, in particular, have “slightly higher rates of telogen during the month of July. Telogen is known as a resting phase for the hair follicle, which means that the hair is extra prone to shedding and falling out,” according to a July 2015 article in InStyle magazine.

If you spend time in the pool or ocean, know that saltwater and chlorine can trigger some hair loss in the summer. To combat this, consider using an organic shampoo and conditioner that’s pH balanced right after you get out of the water. Free of aggressive chemicals, these items will clear away dirt, not irritate the skin, and, as a bonus, bathe the scalp in rich amino acids and proteins.

Should you wash your hair more often in the summer compared to other times of the year? Some people assume that washing their hair “too much” can result in hair loss. This is not true. If anything, the hotter the weather, the more likely you’ll have dandruff, oil and sweat accumulation– all of which can be smartly washed away with a good shampoo and conditioner.

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