The Psychology of Hair Loss

Psychology of Hair LossPeople spend a lot of time, money and energy on their hair. Most people care so much about their hair and how others think of it that it becomes ingrained into their overall psychological well-being. So what happens when a person starts experiencing some hair loss?

If and when a person loses some hair on their head, they tend to get anxious or depressed, according to psychologists. They’re worried about other people judging them for lack of hair. Emotionally, it can take its toll, causing a loss of self-esteem. A lot of people feel bad about themselves if their hair isn’t what they’d consider “perfect,” or “the way I want it to look.

Loss of hair–and this may sound weird–can make a person feel utterly devastated. What once was their crowning glory has become something they are sensitive about, and that can cause even a confident person fall in a funk. It’s not pretty, both literally and figuratively.

While men with no hair can be considered a good thing in many cases, for women who lose hair on their heads, it can be downright awful. They feel less beautiful, less confident and less sexy. They may  even start to avoid going certain places and seeing certain people.

Thankfully, there is some hope for people with hair loss. There are songs like India Arie’s “I Am Not My Hair,” which takes the intense focus off having perfect hair, giving people the permission to be happily imperfect, as well as ways to literally replace hair that might have gone missing! For example, in the New York City area many people have found relief by visiting NM Hair Replacement Studio. Men and women alike who are worried about hair loss and want some help to look better can call NM Hair Replacement Studio in Astoria, Queens, at 718-267-2516 to arrange a free consultation.

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