Hair Habits That Might be Destroying Your Hair

Woman putting her hair up in a tight ponytail

Hair loss, breakage, and damage can be cause by a variety of reasons. Your hair products, diet, and stress are just a few examples of reasons why you may be experiencing hair loss. 

Here are a few other habits that you may be doing that can cause damage to your hair: 

Rubbing Shampoo In Your Hair

When you’re washing your hair, you always want to be gentle as you’re rubbing in your shampoo. Instead of aggressively scrubbing, try applying minimal pressure. Your scalp isn’t that dirty, so gentle shampooing should be more than enough! 

A minute of gentle massaging will help remove any build-up and boost blood flow to your scalp, which will stimulate blood flow to promote hair growth. 

Skipping Conditioner 

In the shower, applying hair conditioner is one of the most important steps to help promote a health scalp. To help maintain your healthy hair, always apply a conditioner after every shampoo. 

Brushing Your Hair While Wet

Sometimes, brushing your hair when you first get out of the shower isn’t always the best idea. Without the right comb and technique, brushing can significantly damage your wet hair. To help prevent hair damage, try letting your hair dry a bit before gently combing it with a wide-tooth comb. If you have more textured hair, try combing your hair while it’s still damp and using a wide-tooth comb. 

Pulling Your Hair Back Tightly 

Pulling your hair back in a tight ponytail, bun, or braid can also cause hair damage. Instead, try to wear your hair loosely pulled back if your need it up and away from your face. There are certain hair ties that you can purchase too that should help when styling your hair. Overall, it’s best to find a hairstyle that won’t harshly pull on your hair. 

Coloring Your Hair

Although coloring is common, it can also be harmful to your hair. To help keep your hair strong and healthy as you color it, try to add more time between touch-ups. In the winter, the air can be very dry, so it’s best to schedule your touch-ups every 8 to 10 weeks or longer. 

Once you hair is colored, remember to continue always using a conditioner after each shampoo, and take steps to protect your hair when you’re out in the sun. 

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