When Should Women Worry About Signs of Hair Loss?

Hair Loss for Women

Everybody loses hair. It’s normal and inevitable to have some hair fall out over time. Just like pets, we shed! That said, sometimes hair comes out in big clumps, and we go “Uht-oh, why did THAT happen to me?”

When you have noticeable hair loss you tend to wonder, “Is this a permanent loss or just temporary?”

Normally, hair goes through cycles, so it grows and falls out and we all shed. It’s not unusual to lose up to 150 hairs daily.

What, then, could cause “clumps” to fall out rather quickly, to the point where a person gets nervous? What are some reasons women especially have to deal with hair loss?


For one, it could be tight hairstyles, whereas follicles are damaged. Did you know that when follicles are “too damaged” that can lead to permanent hair loss? Some of the tight hairstyles that lead to this problem include cornrows, braids and even tight ponytails.


Next, if you go through a traumatic event whereas you experience extreme stress on your body, you could lose hair. Things like giving birth, losing weight quickly, surgery and illness can all cause hair loss– typically, though, it grows back– not a permanent loss.

Medical Treatments

If you or someone you know ever did chemotherapy for cancer treatments, you know it can cause sudden hair loss– typically temporary, by the way. Drugs and radiation treatments can lead to hair loss.


Are you getting enough iron, vitamin B12 and/or protein in your diet? If not, you might have temporary hair loss. You have to be careful about your nutritional intake.

Hormonal Imbalance

Finally, hormonal imbalances, especially around the time of menopause, can lead to permanent hair loss.

If and when you get to the point where what you see on your head makes you unhappy, you should consider a consultation with NM Hair Replacement Studio of Greater New York. We work with both men and women to restore heads of hair that look great and make people feel so much better about themselves and their hair.

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