Surprising Reasons Why You May Experience Hair Loss

Hair Loss

There are plenty of reasons a person could lose their hair. Some of them are well-known while others might surprise you.

Hormonal Imbalance

Hair loss often has to do with a person’s hormonal balance. For example, hormonal disorders can cause hair loss. Women who experience polycystic ovary syndrome can experience a thinning of hair on their scalp. Pregnant women may have a flood of pregnancy hormones which cause their hair to become thicker, fuller and shinier– but when those hormones go away, so does their hair! Thankfully, this hair loss is usually temporary. For those who take birth control pills, consider using low-androgen pills to minimize hair loss.

Diet Issues, Stress and Prescription Medications

Your hair needs nutrients. One of the reasons you might lose hair is because of your diet. If you’re not getting enough vitamin B, zinc or iron, you might experience hair loss. Hair grows in cycles– and not enough nutrients can disrupt that cycle. One smart idea is to eat foods rich in biotin, which helps make hair and nails healthier over the long term.

Could stress cause a person to lose hair? Yes. So could a severe illness or chronic condition such as lupus or diabetes.

For those taking prescription drugs, such as anti-acne medication, one of the side effects could be hair loss.

Hair Treatments

Even something as simple as coloring your hair could cause it to fall out because your hair doesn’t agree with the chemicals used in the dye. If you use a curling iron or straighten your hair using heat, that might be a problem. Or, for instance, wearing hair in a tight ponytail/braid could be a culprit, not to mention hair extensions, too. Plus, if you wash and shampoo your hair too much, you could dry it out to the point where it falls out. Ideally, it makes sense to wash hair once every three or four days.

Other Variables

Have you ever heard of trichotillomania? It’s a condition where people pull their hair out when they’re concentrating or stressed out. They might not even realize they’re doing this, but it happens and then patches appear.

Thinning hair could be the result of a person’s body not getting enough iron in their diet. Or they might have low red blood cell levels.

Finally, exposure to the sun’s rays could cause loss of hair in some cases. For those who spend a lot of time outdoors, it’s advised to use sun protection spray.

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