The Four Different Hair Types

Curly Hair Care

Knowing what hair type you have is important. Depending on your hair type, your hair can react great or poorly with different hair care products. There are certain things you need to do to care for the hair type that you have. Getting to know your hair type can help keep your hair under control, and you’ll be able to tell if something isn’t right with it. 

To help you learn a little more about your hair type, let’s take a look at the four different hair types.

Straight Hair 

Straight hair doesn’t have any natural curl to it. It can be thick, thin, fine, or coarse. Straighter hair tends to collect oil more quickly, so usually, those with this hair type tend to avoid using products that add extra oil to your hair. Over-washing straight hair can also cause the scalp to overproduce oils. 

Wavy Hair Types 

If your hair is relatively straight but still tends to have a loose, undefined wave, you will likely fall into this category. Wavy hair is often thick and can easily frizz up in humid weather. People with wavy hair will usually use a diffuser and lightweight styling products to help tame hair. 

Wavy hair isn’t usually overly oily or very dry. It falls right in the middle. 

Curly Hair 

Maintaining healthy, curly hair can be quite a challenge. When curls are brushed out, it will often lead to hair frizzing. Usually, those with curly hair require more moisture to keep their shape and avoid frizzing, drying, and breakage. If you have curly hair, avoid pulling it up into a ponytail. Eventually, the stress of keeping your hair up can cause thinning and hair loss of the hairline. 


Coils are the most delicate hairstyle. This hair type requires a lot of moisture, and the best way to get that is through conditioning masks, creams, and hair butter. Although coil hair types may look coarse, they are very fine, thin, and can break easily. 

Hair Loss Treatments in NYC 

It’s always important to take care of our hair as much as we can. However, sometimes no matter how much we take care of it, we can’t control genetic hair loss. If you’re looking for a non-surgical procedure for hair loss restoration, contact NM Hair Replacement Studios. Our expert hair specialist will design a hair replacement system that will blend naturally with your existing hair. 

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