Daily Things in Your Life That Could Be Leading to Hair Loss

Daily Hair Loss Risks

At NM Hair Replacement Studio, we help people look and feel better, giving them back the hair they desire on their heads. Nonetheless, what are some reasons people end up making an appointment with NM Hair Replacement Studio in the first place? What are some daily things that could be leading to a person’s hair loss?

Hot Tools

First, there are hot tools. If you’ve ever used a hot blow dryer on your hair or a hot flat iron, did you know you can be messing with your hair’s moisture balance? When you do this often enough, your hair becomes prone to breakage.

Wet Combs

Next, there’s wet combing. You just get out of the shower and your hair is wet. That is NOT the best time to comb or brush it because there’s very little friction involved, leading to tangles, snaps and breaks. It’s smarter to style your hair when it’s “almost dry.”


Are you under a lot of stress for whatever reason? Stress can cause hair loss. So can crash diets or poor nutrition. If you’re not healthy, your hair’s not going to be healthy. Figure out ways to calm down, relax and eat better if you want to be healthier overall.


Ladies who take oral contraceptives should know that certain types of birth control pills have hair loss as an unwanted side effect. The same is true for various medications. Check the paperwork you get when you get a bottle of pills– see if hair loss is listed among possible side effects.


Also, for those who use chemicals on their hair to straighten it, realize that chemicals break molecular bonds in hair to straighten it out. Combine chemicals with high heat/flat ironing, and you’re likely to experience some hair loss.

Certain Hair Styles

Do you wear tight braids? If so, that tightness can actually weaken/destroy hair follicles. Similarly, people who get/wear hair extensions may become prone to hair loss, especially if tightness is involved.

There certainly are several reasons people can lose hair, but almost all of them have something in common: they want their hair back! Thankfully, NM Hair Replacement Studio can make that happen. Call 718-267-2516 and ask for a free consultation today!

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