A Good Hair Day Helps People in More Ways Than One

Good Hair Days

The majority of people today in American society care about how their hair looks. Therefore, if you’re like most people, you know what it’s like to have a “bad hair day” as well as a “good hair day.” Obviously, the more good hair days you have, the better.

A good hair day can help us in more ways than one. Did you know your self-esteem is linked to how you look? Even though it may seem superficial, in society the way you look can affect how you feel.  A “good hair” day can help you feel happier and more confident.

Even in the old days, way back when, hair mattered: Cleopatra had thick, black locks. Samson’s long hair was associated with supernatural strength. And during Colonial times, upper class men like George Washington wore curly white wigs. If hair didn’t matter, people wouldn’t go through so much trouble to look a certain way.

Besides following trends of the day (like curly white wigs), people have typically aspired to have thick, plentiful hair on their heads as a sign of good health, virility (men), sensuality (women), and youth. Aesthetically, hair helps frame a face and create a favorable first impression, especially on a “good hair day.”

Since a person is pretty much in control of their hair, how it’s cut, colored, highlighted, straightened, curled, and/or styled is up to them, and when it’s well-managed, that means more good hair days than bad ones. Thus, the more good hair days, the better a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

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