Reasons to Consider a Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants involve taking hair follicles from an area on the donor’s scalp (typically near the back of the head down above the neck) and then implanting them into areas where the hair is otherwise thin (usually on the top/crown of the head). It’s kind of like gardening, when a gardener moves certain plants to new areas so their garden will become more lush and beautiful.

What are some reasons to consider hair transplants?

Return of Hair

First and foremost, hair transplant means there will be hair on the head where there was little-to-no hair before– thus, the person’s confidence is improved. They go from thinning or no hair to having hair– which is what they ideally want– and it looks and feels natural (because it is)! Having more hair makes you feel more like yourself and makes you feel more attractive. Hair transplant procedures have a high success rate. Once hair is transplanted, it’ll continue to grow in its new home on the head. The person won’t have any thinning patches or hair loss in the spots where the transplanted hairs are placed. Thus, it’s a permanent remedy that does away with hair loss.

No Maintenance

Next, hair replacement doesn’t require much maintenance. While there’s some maintenance after the procedure, pretty soon the transplanted hair looks, feels and acts like natural hair that was always there. A person doesn’t need to use special shampoos or chemicals in order to have/maintain hair density. The one-time process of hair transplants is “one and done.”

One Time Fee

Because it’s a one-time procedure, hair transplant surgery is cost effective. It’s not a long and involved process involving visit after visit to the doctor– thus, a person saves both money and time.

Non-Surgical Procedures

Some people adamantly don’t want surgery. They can choose an alternative– NM Hair Studio uses a non-surgical procedure that gives men and women full heads of hair with a completely undetectable hairline– the kind they crave! Best of all, they get a natural-looking head of hair and can say goodbye to thinning hair.

Do you want to regain your confidence? We can explain what we do and offer you a free consultation. That way, you can make the decision for yourself– we’re happy to answer your questions and concerns. Please call NM Hair Replacement Studio at 718-267-2516 to schedule your free, private consultation today.

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