How Does Hair Grow?

How Human Hair Grows

Have you been wondering how your hair grows? Well, we all possess hair follicles, which are skin organs made of epidermal cells. These follicles produce hair, starting at their roots. At the bottom of hair follicles, where the roots are located, cells made of protein are responsible for hair production. They access the blood supply from blood vessels in your scalp. Blood feeds these roots, creating more cells and thus making hair grow.

Meanwhile, the shape of your follicles determines the shape and texture of your hair. As hair grows, it gets pushed up through the skin. It passes oil glands along the way, which supply oil to hair keeping it both soft and shiny. After the hair pokes through your skin and is visible to others, it’s actually dead. Therefore, when you get your haircut it doesn’t hurt.

Did you know people are born with all of the follicles they’ll ever have? There are about 5 million per person, with 100,000 or so on the scalp– the skin atop your head.

Hair grows relatively fast– about 6 inches per year. Interestingly, most people lose about 100 hairs a day. Why is this? Well, not all of your follicles grow at the same time and at the same rate. They take breaks, and when they do, hair falls out. Since there are so many follicles active at one time, people don’t generally notice their hair loss because there are enough active follicles covering up any dormant “losing” ones.

How come some people get thinner hair the older they get or experience unexpected hair loss? Genetically speaking, some people have follicles that stop growing hair as a person ages. It’s really the luck of the draw because some people keep full heads of hair their whole lives while others have thinning hair or hair loss starting in their 20s, continuing throughout their lifetime.

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