Hair Solutions for Alopecia

Solutions for Alopecia

Alopecia most commonly occurs in a period of time from early childhood to late teens. It is believed this hair loss disease is genetically indicated and tends to occur in families with autoimmune disorders. The emotional scars from Alopecia can often be more significant than the biological scars. While an Alopecia patient may feel tingling sensations in areas of baldness, they more often feel the stinging glares from those who don’t know or don’t understand the disease.


We treat Clients of all ages- and especially welcome children who suffer from Alopecia. The degree of alopecia ranges from Person to Person but for those who struggle with more obvious, recurring, or permanent hair loss, our hair replacement techniques can offer a complete solution. Each person who comes to us receives a completely custom Made hair piece that can be worn every day.


Our hairpieces are crafted with actual human hair. Quality hair is Used and fashioned into an especially Handmade piece that is crafted to custom fit each individual’s head. Hair texture and color are considered when designing a piece that will restore not only your child’s natural look, but their self-confidence as well. Childhood and teenage Clients bear incredible emotional baggage from all that life throws at them as they maneuver the social hurdles of modern society. Coupled with the insecurities presented by their physical changes, children with Alopecia need to bolster their confidence – and we are here to help.


We are looking forward to sharing our work in a consultation with you and your child. At NM Hair Replacement, we want to hear your story and become part of an ending that is a “happily ever after” for your child.

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