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Is Stress Affecting Your Hair?

Is Stress Affecting Your Hair?

Stress and Hair Could living a stressful life be causing you to lose hair? Yes, stress could be the case. What are some signs to look for, that would help you know you need to find ways to de-stress your life before you lose a lot of hair?


First, have you been shedding hair “like crazy” lately? Under extreme stress, there’s such a thing as “telogen effluvium,” which is the medical term for hair loss caused by that sort of stress. How do you know if you’ve got a severe case? Well, consider this– does it seem like you’re shedding hair at twice the normal rate? Has this massive shedding lasted two weeks or more? If so, you might have telogen effluvium. Now if hair falls out in small, coin-sized patches, you might have alopecia areata, which worsens with stress.

Delayed Growth

Next, stress might be affecting your hair loss if it seems like it takes forever to grow your hair half an inch. Poor nutrition– eating a steady diet of junk food, for instance– can slow down hair growth. People often eat poorly because they’re stressed out. Think about it: if you’re stressed, would you rather eat a pint of ice cream or broccoli? Exactly! Poor nutrition causes your body to go into survival mode, taking the body’s attention away from hair growth.

Hairline Movement

Also, if you’ve noticed that your hairline has changed, and not in a good way (moving on up), stress might be messing with your follicles, leading to a gradual thinning. It’s better to keep your hair loosely styled instead of tightened up if you want to avoid this problem.

Pulling Your Hair

Finally, there’s the rare disorder called trichotillomania, where a person feels compelled to pull out their own hair due to anxiety. A dermatologist and/or psychiatrist may be able to help.